Financial Freedom Reading Suggestions

Below are some suggestions for books I found useful during my investment journey. They each have their merits, and helped me stay on the straight and narrow on my journey to financial freedom

Financial Freedom Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rich Dad Poor Dad

I bought this book in an airport in 2016 enroute to Cyprus. An easy but solid read, its a perfect introduction to anyone looking to start planning their financial future. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a personal finance book written by Robert T Kiyosaki. He has a ‘homely’ storytelling style that depicts the differences between his own (poor) fathers approach to finance and that of his friends (rich) father.
The book is often challenging, making you really think about the traditional way of living, school, work, saving, and a wealth building alternative to become financially independent.
There is also a version designed for younger readers to get a jumpstart on their financial affairs :-

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens
Financial Freedom Unshakeable

Another airport book, “Unshakeable” is a book written by Tony Robbins and aims at making investing and becoming financially independent easy to understand. This was my first introduction to Vanguard and the world of Mutual Funds. As you’d expect from Tony, there is plenty in there around keeping the correct mindset and not acting on impulse. These lessons have stood me in good stead to weather various financial events over the last few years.

Financial Freedom The Simple Path to Wealth
The Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth is often referred to by other personal finance writers. I purchased a copy just after I’d been made redundant from a job I’d been at for 25 years. It was just what I needed to keep me on track, and remember my long term goals. JL Collins writes in a simple, easy to digest style that just makes you want to keep ready. There are a couple of chapters that are aimed solely at the American audience, but he considerately points these out at the start of the chapter so you can skip them if they don’t apply to you.
This book is a must of you yearn for financial freedom.

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